Predictive Maintenance

Are you tired of dealing with unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs ? Say goodbye to reactive maintenance and embrace the future of maintenance with Robomap, your ultimate predictive maintenance solution powered with LoRaWAN ® technology and AI .


We understand the importance of gathering accurate and real-time data to optimize your operations . That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of end nodes designed to deliver reliable and precise data from various environments, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive oprational efficiency.


Transofrm the Way of Working

We build end-to-end solutions, trained by the world largests data library and industry experts, to provide insights into machines, processes and, oprations, so you can manufacture for the benefit of business, people and environment, without compromise.


Impacting the Industries

Manufacturers are struggling to balance their profit goals with objectives like sustainability and workforce empowerment. Fortunately, industrial AI can help.


Discover the technologies that we use.

Latest News

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Summary. Why to include Robomap in your business tools? Learn how you can improve your business by implementing it.   Unleash Your Productivity Robomap is a new approach for the industry […]
Author Eduard Lecha Puig Summary. On this article Mr. Eduard, exposes how improving the framework between frontline workers and other elements in an organization represents an all-important communication loop that […]



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