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The World Runs on Machines. We Avoid Unexpected Downtimes.


Predictive Maintenance

Are you tired of dealing with unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs? Say goodbye to reactive maintenance and embrace the future of maintenance with Robomap, your ultimate predictive maintenance solution with LoraWAN® and AI technology. We are in the state-of-art of predictive maintenance techniques combining LoRaWAN® and AI.

How do we do it?

By providing a full-stack solution that implements a LoraWAN® network to connect the end nodes and collect real-time data of the components such as temperature, vibration, humidity, and magnetic data. Subsequently, we analyse the data with AI and create valuable
insights to ensure the correct functioning of the systems.

Advantages of LoRaWAN®

· Long Range The range of LoRaWAN® is up to four kilometres, which means that with a few gateways you will have coverage for all your installations.
· Low power consumption
LoRaWAN® devices are designed to be energy efficient, allowing them to operate on battery power for extended periods. This is beneficial in factories where it may not be feasible to run power cables to all devices.
· Scalability LoRaWAN® supports many devices, making it scalable for industrial applications. Factories often require many connected devices such as sensors, actuators, and monitoring systems, and LoRaWAN® can accommodate these
· LoRaWAN® establishes bidirectional and encrypted communications. With our cloud solution, we enable you to increase productivity and reduce costs.
· Cost-effective LoRaWAN® infrastructure is cost-effective to deploy and maintain compared to other communication technologies. This makes it an attractive option for factories looking to implement cost-effective IoT solutions.

Architecture Overview

Our architecture overview is simple, scalable, and reliable.












How does it work?

The end node initiates the data transmission by sending a LoraWan® message containing the collected data. This message typically includes payload data, device identification information, security parameters, and instructions for network handling. The gateway
receives the message from the end node, extracts the data, and forwards it to the network server.
The network server processes the received data, applies any necessary security checks or data transformations, and routes the data to the appropriate destination, such as an application server or a cloud-based platform for further processing or storage.

Key Elements

· Secure Public Cloud Platform. Contains several pieces of software.
        Network Server – a piece of software running on a server that manages the entire network.
        Application servers – a piece of software running on a server that is responsible for securely processing application data.
        Join Server – a piece of software running on a server that processes join-request messages sent by end devices (The Join Server is not            shown in the above figure).

· Gateways. Receive messages from end devices and forward them to the Network Server.

· End Devices. Sensors or actuators send LoRa modulated wireless messages to the gateways or receive messages wirelessly back from the gateways.

· Open API. Application Programming Interface (API). We believe in the power of collaboration, our API is designed to empower developers, businesses, and innovators to create transformative solutions.

Frequency Band

Our modules support multiple frequency bands, allowing for use in different regions of the world, as each region may have its own specific frequency allocations and regulations. Mainly the most used in Europe is the 433 MHz frequency band: It is a short-range frequency
band and is mainly used in low power applications.

For more information about frequency bands, you can consult the following article.

Gateway – RGW23

RGW23 is a critical device in a LoRaWAN® low power wide area network. Its main function is to act as an access point between the end devices or sensors that use LoRa communication technology and the network infrastructure, which is usually connected to the Internet. For
more information about the device access the following link.

Dispositivo Final – Sensor RNT23

Our wireless sensor acts as an end device and transmits the data to the gateway. The device is capable of measuring temperature, vibration, humidity, and magnetic data.

For more information about the device access the following link.

Diagnostics with AI

We’re on a mission to make machines more reliable while keeping your facilities, utilities, and production lines running at peak performance. Robomap puts the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of engineers, reliability experts, and maintenance professionals,
providing them with continuous insights to improve asset performance.
Our solution listens to the machines, analyses the data in real time, provides useful information about the health of the machines, which helps to protect the assets of the production line, as well as the utility and the balance of the equipment of the plant.

Complete Machine Health Solution

Increase uptime and equipment effectiveness while reducing risk and optimizing asset care.

Improve Uptime and OEE
Robomap monitors your assets for early signs of
malfunctions and helps you address emerging
issues to significantly reduce unplanned downtime
events and increase equipment availability.
includes industrial-certified hardware, software,
diagnostics, and reliability support.

Optimize Asset Care Programs
We enable your asset care teams to see developing
issues in real-time, and to eliminate unnecessary
tasks by planning corrective actions based on the
actual condition of the machine.

Inventory Planning with Insights
With the help of Robomap Pd.M. solution, your
facility can free up working capital tied up in excess
inventory, while ensuring you still have the right
parts on hand when you need them.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
We help you prevent significant repair, replacement
and labour costs and extend asset life by catching
issues early and providing accurate guidance on root
causes and corrective actions.

Keep Your People Safe
Robomap helps reduce risk of incidents by
monitoring hard to reach, remote and dangerous
equipment, while ensuring machines are working in
their optimal modes for a safe work environment.

Create Transparency and Visibility
Robomap platform enables both the production
floor and management by providing increased
visibility and an understanding of what is going on
with their assets, unlocking value up and down the


Health Management

Creation of dynamic insights from the analysis of data from end devices.

Predict Machine Failure

Automatic diagnostics of most machine malfunctions.

Abnormal Ultrasound Emissions
Abnormal Vibration Emissions
Axial Unbalance
Bearing Lubrication Issues
Bearing Wear
Beat Frequency
Blade Pass Frequency
Damaged Rotor Bars
Electrical Faults
Electrical Discharge Through Bearing
Gear Friction
High Vibrations Relative Baseline
Impacting Rubbing or Friction
Loose Connections Shaft Eccentricity
Loose Rotor Bars Significant Change
in Vibrations
Loose Stator Windings Stall/Surge
Stator Eccentricity Operational
Structural Mechanical Looseness
Pipe Strain Trend Alert
Pump Recirculation
Vane Worn/Eccentric Fan Sheave
Worn/Eccentric Motor Sheave
Pass Frequency
Radial Unbalance
Very High Vibrations
Resonance Worn/Defective Belts
Rotating Mechanical Looseness