Summary. Why to include Robomap in your business tools? Learn how you can improve your business by implementing it.


Unleash Your Productivity

Robomap is a new approach for the industry that combines easy-to-use, online, self-service software and hardware for improving the state-art of running business. A solution that eliminates the downtime, errors and frustrations common in the traditional call-and-wait experience. The old approach to electronics business is overly complex, time consuming, and intimidating for small businesses and makers. The cloud business, is designed specifically to make it easy, inexpensive, and quick to automate processes and small batches, allowing designers to iterate, improve and deliver on time.

Big Business Corporations

Robomap maintains all of the systems running continuously so that the business can focus on what they do best. The cloud approach to manufacturing does the same for hardware designers. You upload your designs through an easy-to-use online interface and your manufacturing partner brings your vision to life, giving you instant visibility into the progress of the project with online reporting.

Small & Medium Business

Small and growing businesses often don’t have the demand required to get reasonable pricing from large scale manufacturing outfits. They also are usually under financial pressures that make large inventories out of the question, and just-in-time delivery a necessity. Cloud manufacturing supports the needs of small businesses by making small quantity runs affordable. The solution also offer APIs to automate insights. This creates an excellent customer experience, reduces costs, and frees employees to focus on more strategic operations. For small businesses, cloud-based manufacturing can be the key to accelerated growth.

Some Advantages

· We provide a full-stack solution. Hardware and software are symbiotic. Building a better, more complete product will require embracing a dialogue between hardware and software from the start.

· Hardware is a vessel for carrying our vision of IoT from the lab to the shop floor. It’s a way of multiplying the value of our core software offering.

· For IoT to work in the real world, it has to be self-serve. You don’t want to call a systems integrator every time you use your Roomba in new a room or make an adjustment to your smart thermostat. Why should factory life be any different?

· Building hardware requires understanding your customer. You need to understand their pain points, their needs, and their processes. You have to take a manufacturer’s needs and distill them into a physical device as the laws of physics permit. Designing functional hardware solutions takes a very different sensibility than software. So it’s better to be proactive than reactive.

· Our hardware will always support our software — Every new feature to our cloud platform will always be compatible with our hardware in perpetuity. The functionality of our platform won’t be subject to the vicissitudes of the market or the caprices of vendors.

· Our platform is hardware agnostic — Building things this way has enabled us to design a hardware-agnostic platform as a service offering. We know that not all manufacturers will want or need our hardware. But because we have that expertise in physical systems, we’ve been able to design software that will work on whatever hardware you use in your factory.

· Configurability. Building a full-stack hardware product was the only way to ensure our platform was truly self-serve.

· Price. We offer hardware at a price that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the manufacturing market.

· An Edge-Device that represents the next logical extension and can be used as a protocol converter, to connect sensors and machines, and as a means of transmitting information from a variety of sources to a central location.